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“The BBC is the most successful Preston networking group.”


The Business Breakfast Club or BBC is the best and most successful networking group in Preston who meet every Friday at The Marriott Hotel, Broughton just off junction 31 of the M6. Avoiding the strict formalities of other Preston network groups has proved to be the successful formula, a network group established for over 7 years with over 40 regular members, all who pass business leads based on friendship and trust. Expect meetings to be fun, educational, motivating and full of banter. A truly fabulous group!


Why Join?

Quite simply, the BBC has become so successful as a networking group because it adopted the opposite approach to many other networking groups in Preston – selective in who joins, restricts membership to ONE representation per business category and dispenses with all the formalities and enforced commitment to attend or cover absence. Apologies for non-attendance generally appear as a matter of courtesy but everyone understands that there are just some days when ‘the day job’ must come first. Seven years on, it is rare to find less than the regular 40+ members turning up every week, to meet and ‘do business’ with their like-minded friends in the group. In fact, as anyone in the group will tell you, they are genuinely disappointed if, on the rare occasion, they can’t attend. The BBC regularly has to decline applications for existing popular business categories already taken and coveted…but there are many more still available. Without question, Networking at the BBC in Preston will bring you read this article more business and at very low cost. It would be unusual not to see a significant return on your investment.

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