Ilyas Patel

Ilyas Patel

Ilyas Patel is a Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors, employing 14 staff and having a client portfolio of 1000 SMEs, advising a number of high net worth individuals in the UK, Europe and Middle East and has been established for over 18 years.

Ilyas is a member of the Small Business Committee of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which has representations from all groups who have a vested interest in small business issues. Representations are made at senior levels within government, including the EU on issues that affect small business.

Ilyas is also Chairman of the Business Breakfast Club (BBC) which is a membership organisation of over 40 leading business decision makers and is often visited by MP’s, MEP’s and editors of newspapers.

Ilyas was appointed by the Secretary of State in June 2005 to the small business council as an independent member of the small business community to advise the Secretary of State and his departments on small business issues. The council was represented by 24 independent small businesses, which were the independent voice of business.  The committee was led by William Sergent, who is recognised in Whitehall as the Independent voice of small business. All council meetings where attended by either the Secretary of State or a Junior Minister. The council was dissolved in September 2007.

Ilyas is an entrepreneurial accountant with an expert knowledge of ground breaking tax saving tools, with ideas from out of the box working for you the client and not HMRC.

Both Ilyas and his staff offer you peace of mind that your personal or business affairs are being handled compliantly and efficiently.

Tel: 01772 288200
Twitter: @Tax_Expert