Recognising Leadershp Skills Being Demonstrated

Each employee will be affected in a different way by any skills shown by their leadsers over the years in post.  Some leaders are just made for the task, they are open and encourage discussion and take on ideas from colleagues and underlings alike.  The business leaders in the world have all generally had to hire and fire leaders in their time.  They are less likely to get rid of the effective ones or those who are proven and seen to be authoritive and slightly lean towards democratic.  A world class business leader will have cut their teeth on dealing with other folk and their ideas.   The longer a leader is in post, the more they recognise an employees strengths and weaknesses – they can choose to mentor the slow developers or hand that over to another trusted colleague.  An encouraging style of leadership will always bring out the best in the work force and teams of colleagues.  No one works well when the boss fails to recognise talent and inspirational ideas in others.  A boss or team leader who cuts through discussion always ends up with trouble on their hands and a lack of productivity can be a serious side effect of being blinded by their own brilliance or preception of it.