Customer Service Is More Essential Than Ever For Every Business

If you have been making something as a hobby, or carrying out a service in a non profit capacity and now fancy making it your full time occupation – the one thing to bring home the bacon perhaps?   Maybe now is the time to get out there and get your prodigy into a healthy earner state for you.   We have seen since the days of the pandemic that set everything into terrifying limbo for two years, that the old ways of running a business were not always the best after all, it stood the multinationals in good stead, but some other outfits found that they could dispense with an office block and service and be effectively run with less folk, based at home, with good reliable communications equipment.   However, there are some amazingly huge examples of where this has been an abysmal disaster – how many big corporations have you contacted recently and been holding a phone that just reels out an endless menu of press button choices to reach who you think you want, but in fact doesn’t exist any more.  One major budget airline, probably the biggest in western europe, has the most appalling customer service – in fact it doesn’t have any.  The only way I could resolve a major problem myself was to ask the chatbot agent for a direct phone number – something the human agents had singularly refused to provide!   Customer service in any business is more essential than ever these days when all the customers have such a choice of where to put their hard earned £1.